Our skilled craftsmen use custom made tools to gently massage and reshape the metal back to its original condition without the need for body filler and repainting.

While PDR techniques cannot repair all dents, it is an excellent alternative for use on vehicles that have small dings. The skilled craftsmen at B&B Auto Body have years of experience and have mastered the PDR techniques.

History of PDR

PDR began on the assembly line of Mercedes-Benz in the late 1940’s. These men were referred to as Ding men. They were highly regarded for their ability to quickly repair minor dents without having to stop the assembly line. The advancement in high tensile metals and the use of polyurethane paints are chiefly responsible for PDR becoming a popular alternative to conventional repairs.

Is Paintless Dent Repair Right for You?

In general, PDR is an effective repair method for dents that are dime sized and up to two inches or more in diameter. The size and location of dents, plus the condition of your vehicle’s existing paint are important factors in determining if PDR is right for your auto. If you think your vehicle is a candidate, contact us. PDR may be the perfect solution for you!